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Lawrence Family Development's SISU program believes in empowering young people and helping them to develop the skills to become positive forces in the community. The SISU program recognizes that many of our young people are driven to push their limits, but have lacked the modeling and exposure to always make the right decisions.

SISU strives to provide the modeling and exposure that will allow some of Lawrence's highest risk opportunity youth to harness their entrepreneurial skills and better themselves and their families. 

SISU's micro-enterprises are focused on teaching youth transferable skills while emphasing the soft skills. SISU uses alternative styles of education and workforce development to teach and reinforce time management and communication skills, conflict resolution, personal safety, de-escalation, attention to detail, and managing emotions. 


    In the Spring of 2018, Lawrence Family Development's SISU program launched the its first micro-enterprise, the SISU Shop. In the Shop, SISU's experienced carpentry staff teach some of Lawrence's hardest to reach young people the art of wood working. Under SISU's tutelage, these young people learn to not only craft wood, but to craft ideas. Coordinating closely with SISU's education staff, the Shop applies the SISU STEM curriculum into practical application.

    Lawrence Family Development began producing adirondack chairs and picnic tables several years ago as special order products for charity auctions, as well as City wide products. The SISU Shop has grown this initiative to include step stools, rocking horses, jewelry holders, and ping pong paddles. All of these products are hand crafted by SISU young people in our shop at 417 Canal Street in Lawrence, and we are excited that we are now able to offer these products for you to purchase through our newly launched e-commerce site.

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    Picnic Tables are made from Pine and are length x width  

    Adirondack Chairs come in two sizes (length x width) and can be built from pine or pressure treated wood

    Rocking Horse can be customized and is a great gift for a small child. They are made from pressure treated wood.

    The Step Stool is length x width and doubles as a small seat.

    The Earring Holder is made from recycled window moulding and wire screen.

    The Jewelry Holder is made of pressurized wood and recycled pallets with wire screen.

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